Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A. J. Jacobs' health

My literary idol of year 2011 - A. J. Jacobs - is on TED again (TED is my other vice too) and he's talking how healthy living was killing him, as he attempted to become the healthiest living person on earth.

A. J. as a writer and a journalist, but I find his works very close to contemporary art. In his books and articles he writes about experiments he did with himself. He went on a quest and read whole Encyclopaedia Britannica to become the smartest person on earth, lived a year by the rules from the Holy Bible by taking them as literally as possible, lived by the rules of  George Washington, outsourced his private life to India (even arguments with his wife and bedtime stories for his kids) so he could have more time to read. The healthy living was his latest experiment with his own self, so please watch the video and witness the awesome and the whimsy of mr. A.J.

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