Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elisee Monmarte tonight

was on fire.
Last week I googled if Krikor is doing any shows in Paris, and I found he will be doing an opening act for Jamie Lidell. I like living in Paris.
So tonight he did a deep and beautiful slow groove live set for a crowd that probably wanted something up tempo.
Then after a while Lidell and his incredible live band took over and boy it didn't let go for those two hours. I wanted to write so much about it, but it is late and it's useless putting that in words, everybody should experience this performance themselves - as rich, professional, but yet somewhat effortless, stylish, full of love, jokes, sweat and drum sets.

I brought my camera with an empty battery to the concert and while I was trying to make something of the remains of its power I thought to myself "ką, aš durnė? Reikia mėgautis pasirodymu, o ne dėl kadro vargti" and I came up only with these very few shots.


Jamie Lidell with band

The very last song of Lidell's band turned out to a little jam session with lots of beatboxing and Jamie wraped "I wanna dance with somebody" into his "Multiply" quite like in this gig in Warsaw:

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