Saturday, February 13, 2010

Robert's books

Here's one thing that got me excited today - a bookshop I accidentaly found while walking in Riga. It sells (mostly) books in English from its owner's and his peers' libraries. The owner himself is Robert Cottrell, a former EU correspondent for The Economist and The Financial Times and an author for The New York Review of Books, has opened two bookshops under his name here in Riga already. The prices vary from as less as 0.5 Ls (0.7 eu) up to 7 Ls (10 eu) which erases Ebay from the map for a while.
I could not have left empty handed so I've got a copy of a classic - Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's in mint condition and beautiful cover.

The updates on new books and tips about Riga are found at bookshop's website.

Yet Robert has another project - a referrential website The Browser, where he's posting the most interesting and read-worthy articles blogged daily.

And yes, I've been silent for a while, I'm a hasty blogger, but there are all kinds of visual stuff from my side I'll share very soon.

Here are some older tunes to cheer things up, while waiting for Prins Thomas' first full album:

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  1. good find! I like your blog and your etsy shop is amazing!!!