Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is what I've got for Christmas from myself - elBulli: Food for Thought. Thought For Food, a book on food and art, Ferran Adria's creations at elBulli - world's finest restaurant, known for it's innovative cooking processes. The book is curated by the master himself, Richard Hamilton and MoMa's Vincente Todoli.

There are no recipes in this book, yet a lot of inspiring images and texts/discussions on food as an art form (Adria participated in Documenta 12, elBulli was one of the pavilions there). The recipes would be useless anyway, for conventional kitchen doesn't have the required high-tech equipment (vacuum-boiler, anyone?). Oh ok, I think there's an electric screwdriver somewhere at home to make  olive oil caramel spring.

I wish I could quote all of it, but here's very few:

I remember the electric milk, which anaesthetised me and turned me into an insect.

- Jerry Saltz, art critic on Ferran Adria's food.

That's what I call a cookbook!!!

All products have the same gastronomic value, regardless of their price.

Cooking techniques, both classic and modern, are a legacy that the cook  must know how to exploit to the maximum.

Taste is not the only sense that can be stimulated; touch can also be played with (contrasts of temperatures and textures), as well as smell, sight (colours, shapes, visual illusion, etc.), whereby the five senses become one on the main points of the reference in the creative cooking process.

The search of technique and concept is the apex of the creative pyramid.

A culinary language is being created that is becoming more and more ordered, and on some occasions it establishes a relationship with the world and language of art.

Decontextualisation, irony, spectacle and performance are completely legitimate, as long as they are not superficial but respond to, or are closely bound up with, a process of gastronomic reflection.

- from elBulli's philosophy

Flower paper (left) - flowers of different colours and flavours on a candy floss base

accurate abstract art
you touch the sensibility
rice is a neutral media
mustard is an abstract

-Hu Fand, fiction writer, art critic and curator, inspired by the dinner at elBulli on the last day of documenta

Beautiful graphics of the menu from Documenta 12 (left), Antoni Miralda and Carsten Holler in the garden at elBulli prying through a window into the kitchen (right)

Now, I don't know if I'll get to post again this year, but here's a song from summer 2009, which I think is that perfect white handkerchief to wave goodbye for the year passed. Actually, I hate celebrating new year (hate fireworks and hopelessness of the whole euphoria), but this song has that tickle, that makes me think about it with a smile.

Joakim - Love & Romance & Special Person

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